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Exploring the latest trends & strategies

Join us for an excellent opportunity to aquire the latest insights and discover upcoming strategies within Marketing Automation. We promise inspiration, new perspectives and rewarding input from speakers who all possess unique cutting-edge expertise and have educational experiences to share.


Any industry professionals, from newbies to experts, who want to gain new insights and knowledge within the realm of Marketing Automation, Personalisation, AI and more.


   Learn how to navigate change through transformation, automation, and modernization
   Take in inspiration and concrete tips from nordic & international experts and companies at the forefront
   Access to the speaker´s presentations and other relevant material afterwards.

  •  "Great agenda and competent speakers"

  • "Great speakers, relevant topics and actionable advise."



Rasmus Houlind

Chief Experience Officer | Agillic

Rasmus Houlind is considered the de facto thought leader within Omnichannel Marketing in the Nordics. Through his extensive experience at several major agencies in Scandinavia he’s built up a solid knowledge base about what it takes to succeed in marketing across physical and digital channels alike. He's also the author of the book 'Make it all about me' on omnichannel marketing and AI and works on a daily basis as Chief Experience Officer at the Martech company Agillic.

Marija Milanova

Marketing Automation Expert | Trustly

Marija is a MarTech-savvy person who is passionate about marketing automation. At Trustly, she is the Marketing Automation expert responsible for integrating various platforms with Pardot and helping marketing managers with campaign strategies. She acts as a liaison between marketing and sales and takes responsibility for continuously improving the data flows and lead management capabilities between Pardot and Salesforce. Having extensive experience in the marketing field, she can transfer the strategy into processes through technology.

Ovidiu Mihai-Marginean

Product Owner for Demand Generation | Bannerflow

With 5+ years of experience in B2B marketing, Ovidiu is passionate about understanding customer behaviour and designing better experiences in digital channels through technology. At Bannerflow, he is responsible for marketing operations. And more recently, he has taken the role of Product Owner for Demand Generation, focusing on building digital marketing strategies that align with today's research-savvy buyers.

Andrew Baggs

Digital Strategist | Youwe

Andrew has a decade of experience working with organizations and helping them get the most out of their digital platforms. His client experience ranges from enterprise-level global brands to emerging e-commerce start-ups. As a Digital Strategist at Youwe Andrew helps clients to define the vision for their digital strategy and then put in place actionable roadmaps so they can achieve it.

Jo O’Connor

Principal Solutions Consultant | Adobe

Jo has always been fascinated by solving problems, which is probably why she is now a solutions consultant. At Adobe she works with customers and partners to use Adobe technology solutions to deliver real business value. She started her working life as a scientist and has now come full circle. Increasingly using the data and modelling techniques from those days to help customers move into the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The world is changing, and she is proud to be working with Adobe to help her customers to move in that changing world with confidence.

Anthony Konarski

Marketing Automation Consultant | Youwe

Anthony has extensive experience working in B2B marketing operations and has over 6 years of experience in Marketing Automation Platforms. At Youwe, Anthony is primarily involved in understanding a client’s needs and requirements and from those conversations bringing a solution into reality through technology and strategy to best meet those goals.

Jessica Svenske Alenadaf

Martech Communication Strategist | Telge Energi

Jessica has a long history of working within customer focus with CRM and Omnichannel Marketing Automation. Before joining Telge Energi in early 2020 she worked at Skandia, Crescore Wealth Management Systems and Handelsbanken. She has an educational background from Stockholm University where she has a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master's degree in economic information systems from Linköping University.

Mats Gustafsson


Mats founded Wednesday Relations 2002 and have extended experience in marketing, sales, digital business and CRM. Mats has worked in line-positions within marketing and sales in Sweden and worldwide. Together with Wednesday Relations, Mats has created a lot of conferences and seminars, and is also a very popular and well-experienced moderator.

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Welcome to Marketing Automation Day


Moderator: Mats Gustafsson

Founder & CEO | Wednesday Relations


Keynote: 7 Key Trends in Marketing Automation

Marketing is changing. Whether it is customer expectations, demographics, marketing team skills, organisational transformation, regulatory frameworks and external ecosystems almost everyone will have seen changes. Join Jo as she discusses the trends that she sees with her customers every day. And as she highlights some of the key considerations that marketers around the world are prioritising, think of how you could adopt some of these changes into your own organisations.

Because change is coming - but we can choose how we react.

Speaker: Jo O’Connor

Principal Solutions Consultant | Adobe


Expert: Personagmentation?!? Hey, what is Personalization really?

Obviously, personagmentation is a nonsense word - but did you ever find yourself in a conversation about personalization and then realizing your partner was talking about segmentation instead? Or did you ever mix up the two yourself? Well… You’re not alone! There’s great confusion out there!

In this talk, thought leader in Omnichannel Marketing Automation, Rasmus Houlind from Agillic, will once and for all set straight the nature of and the difference between segmentation and personalization and what this means for your Customer Experience, the results you create and how you work most efficiently. He will illustrate the points through live client examples and models from his upcoming book.

Speaker: Rasmus Houlind

Chief Experience Officer | Agillic


Panel discussion


Short break

We take a short break and refill our energy level. ☕️


Expert: Data management - an essential part of marketing automation

Data is at the core of marketing automation. It serves as the basis for personalisation, alignment within the organisation and reporting. At the same time, data quality represents one of the main obstacles marketing automation professionals face today.

With only 50% of organisations that believe their CRM data is clean and can be fully leveraged (according to Experian's 2021 Global data management research), poor data management leads to poor user experiences, wasted resources and revenue loss.

We will share practical insights into:

  • How to assess the quality of your existing data
  • Actionable steps toward building an effective data management strategy
  • Staying compliant with data privacy regulations

Speaker: Ovidiu Mihai-Marginean

Product Owner for Demand Generation | Bannerflow


Case | Telge Energi: Marketing automation to advance eco-friendly energy solutions

Swedish-based Telge Energi is known as a frontrunner in supplying consumers with green energy and outstanding service. Since 2020, they have been working in a new way with improving customer experience through Omnichannel Marketing Automation, in order to e.g., increase contract renewals and reduce customer churn.

In this session you’ll hear directly from Martech Communication Strategist, Jessica Alenadaf how they made this happen, which challenges they have had to overcome and which they see in the future.

Speaker: Jessica Svenske Alenadaf

Martech Communication Strategist | Telge Energi


Short break

We take a short break and refill our energy level. ☕️


Case | Trustly: Become the Marketing Automation node in the organization

Marketing and Sales alignment is not a new topic, and yet very few, big and small, organizations practice it. Starting small can have a big impact in bridging the two teams together. Although the Marketing Automation position is mostly technical, that does not mean that you can’t challenge your coworkers before launching a campaign. Most of the time, marketing and sales are your best sparring partners helping you excel in your work.

Key takeaways:

  • The importance of Marketing and (pre)-sales alignment
  • Why you should challenge the Marketing Managers’ approach before campaign launch
  • Excel in your work by having a sparring partner

Speaker: Marija Milanova

Marketing Automation Expert | Trustly


Keynote: Five fundamentals to ensure Marketing Automation success

Are you looking to roll out Marketing Automation in your business? Or are you finding that your Marketing Automation platform isn’t delivering everything it promised?

In this talk, Anthony and Andrew will outline 5 fundamental steps you will need to take to ensure you get the most out of a Marketing Automation platform of any size from Mailchimp to Marketo.

Join us and discover:

  • How to make a clear digital strategy to unleash the power of Marketing Automation
  • The true effectiveness of a Marketing Automation platform
  • 5 Actionable steps you can take to improve the effectiveness of your Marketing Automation platform

Speaker: Andrew Baggs & Anthony Konarski

Senior Digital Strategist | Youwe & Marketing Automation Consultant | Youwe


Summarize and ending words

Moderator: Mats Gustafsson

Founder & CEO | Wednesday Relations

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